24 Hour's War Edit

This event is organized by a gang known as "Quantum Web".This is an interesting and battlefield event's.The event only can be organized and would announce only on the VC:MP Community.As Quantum Web's said that,there will be series of this event.We will keep it alive till the end. Edit

Series of 24 Hour's War Event

  1. The Conqueror

More series will be release soon......... Edit

24 Hour's War I - The Conqueror Edit

About the AuthorEdit

Jester aka Luchgox started playing Vice City Multiplayer Since 2015.He played improved his gaming skills and he becomes professional in some months.He joined a clan known as Rampage Killer's.He played a month and half in RK (Rampage Killer's) during the nickname of "Durkhani".He got kicked from clan RK because he did clan hop by joining another clan without tooking a leaving notification to RK's Leaders.He left Vice City Multiplayer from 29,March of 2016 and re-joined VC:MP (Vice City Multiplayer) in 02nd,March of 2016.He was very pleased to back in the VC:MP Community.

After returning to VC:MP Community,He made his own clan "Let's Kill All" during with the nick-name of "klein." after closing LKA (Let's Kill All) clan he prefer to join YU (Young Unbeatable's) with the leader's "Amaanullah" and "Qaurtz" while Quartz decided to leave the VC:MP Community with the reason of no much interest's in VC:MP Community.All players of YU decided to leave the clan because the issue's with the leaders.So,Amaanullah decided to close the YU clan.After that he did like to join UK (Unbeatable Knight's) clan and there he accepted in the clan as Full Member.The leader of the clan "Haseeb" decided to close the clan because all players was really In-active,but the members don't let it down and plan of closing clan were cancelled.The clan UK (Unbeatable Knights) was going great in the month of May and June.But,suddenly the leader decided to close the clan in anyway and he did it.After closing of UK clan,Luchgox (aka Jester) decided to join a cool and active clan.But he goes inactive because of the summer vacation.After back in the community,There he find a clan named "Crazy Fighter's".He did applied a joining Application to CF (Crazy Fighter's) clan,he accepted to CF as Full Member.In the clan CF he as enjoyed one month and after that he decided to leave the clan and he did because his old clan "Unbeatable Knights" was re-opened with new future's things.The leader of the clan "Haseeb" invited him to join UK clan again and he did liked to join.There he came back as Full Member.He was really interested in his clan UK,he decided never to leave the clan his VC:MP Career.He worked really hard for not letting UK clan down,he was promoted to as Leader in the clan.While in UK clan during the month's of Autunm,He also had a best friend named "The KillerKid".Who have helped Luchgox when he need him.The leader of UK clan (Haseeb) did clan hop and decided to close UK clan again and wanted to join UF (Unique Force) clan.Haseeb asked his clan member's as will they stay UK clan alive after me?Some members like "Dhrubo" and "Jester" don't let UK close,but most of the member's decided to close and leave the clan,so the clan Closed in anyway.After the closing Unbeatable Knights Jester's interests toward's VC:MP Community fall down.He left for a month and spend most of his time to paying Call of Duty : Modern Warfare I.When he again returened to VC:MP he wanted to join BOSS (Bulls of Sunny Site) clan with his best friend The Killerkid.In the clan BOSS he left it because the inactivity of the member's.But Killerkid let it go and keep the BOSS clan alive.After that he stayed clan less few months in the community.He wanted to make his own gang "Quantum Web" with his mate "Haxerx" who helped with him.In,Quantum Web there were only two multiplayer games which play's with the tag of QW (Quantum Web) in Quantum Web.He still stayed clan less for few months.While playing in VC:MP he was invited by his old friend Haseeb to join UF clan and work together,some UF members like him to join us (UF clan).He applied 2 times but got denied because needed improvements.He improved himself in a month and there he again applied in UF and got accpeted.He was very pleased that he was in a popular clan of VC:MP Community.

He still keeping the QW gang alive and also active in UF clan as most.

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